Our Best Start Network


Children of the Kenora District will be ready and eager to achieve success in school by the time they begin Grade One.


To plan, implement and monitor Best Start at the local level, in accordance with the Implementation Planning Guidelines for Best Start Networks.


The following guiding principles will be followed in the planning for Best Start:

  • simplified access;
  • integrated services;
  • partnership with parents and families;
  • community-driven;
  • flexible and responsive;
  • cross-ministerial;
  • quality services; and
  • cultural and linguistic sensitivity 


Best Start is designed to provide all of Ontario's children with the best possible start in life and the opportunity to achieve success in school.  To achieve this objective, the Best Start Plan for the Kenora District will:

  • assist parents in supporting their children;
  • assist children in the Kenora District to be ready to learn when they begin Grade One and achieve success in school;
  • allow the transition to Grade One to be as smooth, seamless and successful as possible for children and their families;
  • make high quality early learning and care available to all families;
  • provide a variety of supports to parents in their parenting role;
  • identify and provide supports to children who need extra help; and
  • build on partnerships with communities and the Federal and Municipal levels of government